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Since the election Cllr Khan and myself have been busy over the past few months with local casework, the EU referendum and working to establish a relationship with our new Mayor Marvin Rees and his Cabinet.

Alongside reporting on city wide concerns, I am aiming to do a #Eastvillewardgoals blog every month to update you on where we are with supporting local community campaigns and tackling various ward issues including:

1. Local development and homes

2. Parks and Green Spaces

3. Clean Streets - litter and fly-tipping

4. Noise and Air pollution

5. Highstreets & Shops

6. Traffic and transport

7. Crime and anti-social behaviour

8. Leisure, youth facilities and events

9. Community campaigns and activities

10. Work within the Neighbourhood Partnership

The first update will be published on the 31st of July 2016. Make sure you also check out the Useful Links page on this site for more information on local campaigns and organisations.

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