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Policy & ideas

This section is currently under development over Summer 2020


I am an experience campaigner with a wide rang of policy interests, whether it is within my professional field of enterprise education, work and skills or my experience as a councillor campaigning on environment and transport issues. As such, I've collected or contributed to various material over the last ten years which might interest to others.

In May 2020, I will be standing down as a councillor but I'm collating this material along with ideas from friends, colleagues and local campaigners to be made available in the sections below over the Summer 2020. Therefore, these links curently only go to a holding space.

Watch this space!


Campaign for affordable, accessible and sustainable regional transport

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Thoughts on education, enterprise education and educational philosophy (coming soon!)

climate change

The Climate Emergency and Labour for a Green New Deal

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PRess and media

Interesting articles and published papers on different topics

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