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I am incredibly proud of this very short campaign, and the results locally and nationally. Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who came out on campaign trail over the last 5 weeks and to the 19,254 voters in Kingswood for their support! 


I am stood in this election because I wanted to make a difference to the lives of all residents in Kingswood. As a local councillor, I see first hand the impact that the cuts have every day. Wages haven't increased, but the cost of living has, and our public services such as the police force, fire authority, local government and the NHS are struggling.

I will continue to fight to protect our important local services and work with colleagues across the party to hold the Tory government to account.

For information on the Labour manifesto here

Thank you again


My five pledges are:

On Education - our local schools must be properly funded. I will defend our local schools against cuts and increasing class sizes, to ensure that ALL children get access to high quality education. 

On the NHS - our local services must be protected, and our NHS invested in, to enable waiting lists to be cut, and front line staff supported - including the opening of the long awaited minor injuries unit at Cossham

On Homes we are facing an urgent housing crisis. We need to work to build more homes, but consider our urban planning, providing community facilities, and protecting our important green spaces. 

On Transport - working to tackle congestion, improve air quality, develop our highways and public transport systems to get Kingswood moving.

On Jobs and The Economy - a sustainable and fairer economy that works for all, keeping jobs local, and supporting access for all to further and higher education and apprenticeships.

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