My Track record

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I am standing on my track record.
I am an experienced campaigner, councillor and specialist in work and skills.
 I am job ready.
As a Local Councillor


I have represented the ward of Eastville since 2013. In that time, I have supported my residents with casework, developed policy, and actively supported community campaigns to tackle some of the key issues in the area, including:
  • No to McDonalds Campaign - supporting the community fighting against an inappropriate development in a residential area, which would result in additional traffic
  • Protect Frome Valley - supporting the community to protect valuable green space
  • TidyEastville - supporting the community to tackle rubbish and fly-tipping issues
I have also sat on a number of outside bodies including:
  • Trustee of the Arnolfini
  • Member of the Bristol Shopping Quarter
  • Member of the Avon Fire Authority
  • Member of the Bristol Water Challenge Panel
  • Director of Bristol is Open (current)



As Cabinet member for Transport
I worked for two years as Cabinet Advisor to Mark Bradshaw, before taking on the role as cabinet member for transport. During the time I held the post, I worked on a number of projects for cycling and walking, public transport, public realm, road, bridge and footpath repair and mass transit. For example, I:
  • Supported the implementation of the Metrobus project, including integrated ticketing and a joint bid to replace the bus fleet with less polluting biogas buses.
  • Supported the funding for new train stations, including the Portway Park & Ride, and supported the Filton Four tracking project.
  • Enabled a more strategic approach, leading on the development of a Bristol Transport Strategy.
I represented Bristol City Council on the West of England Joint Infrastructure Board, and supported the development of Joint Local Transport Plan 4, a joint transport plan between the four local authorities. I still sit on the West of England Combined Authority Scrutiny Committee, and the Resources committee at Bristol City Council.
As a Parliamentary Candidate
As an educator specialising in work and skills

Bristol City Councillor

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Parliamentary candidate & campaigner

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Cabinet member for transport

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Work and skills specialist

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